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The company future plans vests on its primary business objective drawn up during the restructuring phase which includes venturing in the infrastructure arena of all the parameters on every possible business model on its own or venturing with others on strategic models.
The strong capital base and zero debt in the company, shifts the company’s paradigm in elite class where the return to the stake holders shall be much better in current recessionary economy around the world.
The underlying asset class of the company lined up in the SPV model has the potential to unlock value for its holders in multiples of the capital base of the company. Even the most conservative approach applied in the valuation of the underlying assets would generate in multiples to the market capitalization of the company.
The company's resources model is in most simplified form as there is no external debt in the books of the company giving the company and option to raise additional resources if required without depending on debt-equity component being primary parameter looked up by the industry at large.
The Promoter’s and affiliates however has consented for further infusion of capital in the company which again reiterates the confidence in the business model of the company at large and makes a strong case for constructive growth going forward.
The company shall be in comfortable position to infuse external resources if required to blend with its own internal resources and present a appropriate mix of capital base for the company at the least cost and high yield model.