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Conceptualising voluminous growth by diversification in various other business interests and involvement in the process by participating in developmental process on the basis of consolidation process to strengthen the underlying assets the company has scored on healthy growth model.
The primary diversified objectives of the company is the development of its various land banks measuring about 300 acres located in the upcoming belt of Hosur – Bangalore.
Strategically the location of the land bank is in favour of the company due the factor that the IT city of Bangalore is spreading its wings on the out skirts due to congestion in the city an such expansion is growing towards the land area of the group which directly get mileage of Bangalore development.
On the other hand the development reforms and initiative by the Government of Tamilnadu to develop Hosur as alternate destination to Bangalore and take advantage of over spilling of Bangalore demand has again directly gives mileage and benefits to the groups land bank due to its presence in the immediate vicinity.
Considering the above the strategic location of the land bank opens up tremendous opportunity of growth for the company in developing the land to meet out the demands coming all the way.
The company has also successfully completed its restructuring objectives and now is in a position to develop a strong business model by development of its the land bank in the SPV model so as to match and meet the requirement of the developer who gets directly benefited to develop in phases.
The company has established various vertical modules to its business primaries.
In tandem with its objectives of diversification the company has commenced its cold storage plant project in the state of uttrakhand an another growth story where in the governmental support has been drawn up in the 11 th plan on priority list.